Bessey All Steel Table Clamp GTR Series

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    Bessey All Steel Table Clamp GTR Series

    Bessey GTR Track/Table Clamps 

    Want an upgrade to the clamps that came with your track saw?  Or better hold down clamps for your work bench? Bessey has you covered with their GTR clamp range. Designed to fit existing track saw tracks, these clamp provide a much stronger clamping option than what comes standard.

    The GTR series comes in three variants to meet all needs. The GTR-12 which comes as a 2 pack of small clamps that are perfect for those with space limitations, The GTR-16 with wooden handles that is for those looking to get the strongest clamping presure; and finally the GTR-16 with ratchet handles that have been designed for quick clamping of tracks with the flick of a wrist. 

    These clamps are however not limited to table and track clamping. These can be used anywhere you can cut a 12 x 8 mm groove or machines that come with one. Want a hold down on you pedestal drill, create a timber table for it and route in the 12 x 8 groove. or maybe you want to make a temporary fence. These can be mounted upside down in a fence and then used to affix the fence to your working surface. There is limitless uses for such clamps.


    • Specially forged fixed arm for 12 x 8 mm grooves
    • For secure fastening of guide rails from Festool, Protool, Metabo, Makita, Hitachi, etc. and for clamping in profiles as well as work tables
    • Rapid – up to 5 times faster than conventional clamps
    • Secure – unaffected by vibrations
    • Strong – clamping force up to 2.400 N
    • Wooden Handle
    Model GTR-12 GTR-16 GTR-16 Lever Handle
    Opening 120 mm 160 mm 160 mm
    Throat 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm
    Handle Wooden Wooden Lever
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    GTR-12 Wooden Handle Set of 2
    $91.50 (inc GST)
    GTR-16 Wooden Handle
    $29.90 (inc GST)
    GTR-16 Lever Handle Variant
    $119.90 (inc GST)

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