Benchcrafted Classic Leg Vice

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    Benchcrafted Classic Leg Vice

    Benchcrafted's Classic Handle Leg Vice: The vice-ing on the cake

    Available with either style Criss Cross Mechanism (Solo or Retro) or can be purchased without Criss Cross. Please select your option from the drop-down menu.

    If you're a traditional woodworker who doesn't mind a traditional t-bar vice handle and likes everything in their workshop to look just as solid as they are, then Benchcrafted's classic leg vice screw is for you. Forgoing their spinning wheel design for the common vice approach, Benchcrafted has retained the ease of operation in a T-shaped iron, creating a vice that may look like a usual suspect, but is really anything but.


    • Entirely metal build, unlike many competitors that cast through a wooden handle
    • Attractive traditional look and 'parkerised' (manganese phosphate) finish
    • Lighter weight sliding handle and hub
    • Double lead acme screws ensure quick gliding movement
    • Mating surfaces of the flange and hub are machined to a 127mm (5in) radius
    • Adjustable spring plunger tension
    • Leather shock washers

    Which vice is right for me?

    During the industrial revolution, when leg vices ruled the workshop, they had no time for featherweight hardware. If you’re in regular need of a strong and easily adjustable vice, the size and design of Benchcrafted Leg Vices make them superior to bolt-on vices in every way. 

    The Classic Leg Vices are available with either Solo or Retro Criss Cross mechanisms. Solo use mounting pins, which require drilling the mounting holes into the leg and chop of your bench. Retro brackets, which are fitted inside the leg and chop mortice, are for already completed benches.

    We don't recommend building your vice any more than 15 degrees off the vertical axis if using a Benchcrafted Criss Cross. Please note that we only provide instructions for installing the Classic Leg Vice with a Criss Cross.

    Classic Leg Vice with Solo Criss Cross
    $785.00 (inc GST)
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    Classic Leg Vice Only
    $499.00 (inc GST)
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    Classic Leg Vice with Retro Criss Cross
    $899.00 (inc GST)
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