Baladonia Saw Roller Stand

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    Baladonia Saw Roller Stand 5000-R

    Support long timber with a tough built roller stand

    Handle those long outfeed timbers! Cheaper than a wife and more convenient than a mate! You can make your own product feed table with several of the roller-only units. This bracket is taken from our popular roller support stand and it's built to last with hard-wearing materials used throughout.

    We make no secret of the fact you can get cheaper knock-off versions made elsewhere but as woodworkers, this is the only model we've brought in that lasts through rough workshop conditions. Chuck a piece of Jarrah across it anyday and you know it won't buckle under the pressure.


    It features a 40mm diameter, 400mm long roller and mounting bracket. Very handy in a situation where handling long pieces on a particular machine constantly is becoming a nightmare.

    While you can get ever cheaper roller stands elsewhere, this one is well-made and designed for long-term use in workshops.

    The footprint measures 535 x 425mm and can work on heights 685 – 1090mm. The roller itself is 300mm wide with a diameter of 50mm and can handle loads up to 50kg each.


    $54.90 (inc GST)

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