Baladonia Mat Cutter System

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    Baladonia Mat Cutter System

    A simple and effective tool for cutting matboard. The mat cutter has two blade, one set at 45° and the other at 90° to the mat being cut so you can either cut it square or with a mitred face which creates the impression of the photo being inset in the mat. The mat cutter is packed with three spare cutters.

    The cutter clips into the 600mm rule so that it will remain parallel with the rule when in use at all times - making it easy to lay out and cut the mat to length. The rule has a non-slip rubber strip on the back so that it stays in place when making mat cuts, improving usability.

    All items are available separately as well as replacement blade packs.

    Mat Cutter & Rule
    $49.90 Bundle & Save! (inc GST)
    RRP: $53.80
    Mat Cutter Only
    $26.90 Bundle & Save! (inc GST)
    600mm Rule
    $26.90 Bundle & Save! (inc GST)
    Mat Cutter Blades Pack of 5
    $11.50 Bundle & Save! (inc GST)

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