Baladonia Heavy Duty Magnetic Tool Holder

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    Baladonia Heavy Duty Magnetic Tool Holder MTH-24-N

    Magnetic tool holders are arguably the greatest invention yet for tool organization

    And these are the best magnetic tool holders. Magnetic tool holders are a great way of laying your hands on your favourite tools quickly and easily when working in one area.

    Magnetic Tool Holder 610mm Long

    This heavy-duty unit has two 25 x 5mm magnetic strips separated by a polyethylene core. It measures 25mm deep x 20mm high. With two heavy-duty mounting points securely fastened to a backing board it can hold anything up to and including a #7 jointing plane! 

    This makes it perfect for a range of woodworking tools to be held securely in place yet easily visible. Each holder measures 610mm long for plenty of items.


    $49.90 (inc GST)

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