Armor Tool Pocket Hole Mini Jig

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    Armor Tool Pocket Hole Mini Jig APJ-700

    Do you want to join wood easily and professionally? Then check out this Armor Tool Pocket Hole Mini Jig. A compact, very easy to use self-adjusting pocket hole jig. Great for DIYers who need a simple yet professional quality wood joinery solution.

    Armor Tools New MINI JIG features all the same self-adjusting features as the Auto-Jig in a smaller portable body including the self-adjusting guide block, drill bit collar and colour-coat screw system.

    The Australian version of the Armor Tool Jig is not supplied with screws. View the Mini Jig Kit - APJ-700-KIT for the complete set including screws and clamp.

    The Armor Tool Mini Jig

    Armor Tool continues to change the pocket hole joinery Universe and the way you make pocket holes in your workshop. Introducing the Mini Jig featuring the Armor Tool self-adjusting system that will set your drill guide and drill bit collar to depth automatically. Just grab the material thickness with the Mini Jig callipers and the rest is done for you. No more manual setting, measuring or adjusting - simply grab and go!

    Features & benefits

    • Self-Adjusting Drill Guide Block with Screw Size Guide – no more measuring or guessing, the Armor Tool Mini Jig sets the drilling depth and chooses the right screw for you
    • Self-Adjusting Drill Bit and Collar - use the adjustable callipers to set the jig, the collar is set automatically, all you do is tighten the locking grub screw
    • Magnetic clamping plate makes the clamping down process easier and simpler
    • Twist action reversable edge guide so you can work along an edge or flat on a surface
    • Allen key – everything you need is in the kit
    • Robust construction featuring hardened steel drill guides, stamped steel subframe, injection moulded steel gears all ensure a long working life
    • Hard Case – your tool is neatly package and secure
    • User Guide in the box

    How the Mini Jig works

    The efficiency of the Mini Jig is its ability to clamp varying thicknesses without manually readjusting between sizes. Simply position your work piece between the Mini Jig callipers and grip the piece, the Mini Jig does the rest. Tighten the drill collar grub screw and you’re ready to clamp and drill. The Mini Jig also features the Armor Tool colour coded screw system that will give you the optimal screw size according to the thickness of your material. Armor Tool screws feature Colour-Coat technology offers anti-corrosive protection to your workpiece.

    Whats in the box

    The packaged hard case includes:

    • The Armor Tool Mini Jig
    • Drill Bit
    • Drill Bit Collar
    • Allen Wrench

    Who was the Mini Jig designed for?

    The Mini Jig perfect for both the beginner or the experienced woodworker and DIYer. It suits beginners because the Mini Jig is so easy to use. It suits the experienced because the Mini Jig is so versatile. Both the beginner and the experienced user will equally benefit from the efficiency and accuracy the Mini Jig provides.

    Who is Armor Tool?

    Based in North America, Armor Tool produce a wide range of clamping, work holding and hardware products for both the woodworking and metalworking global markets.

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