AnchorPRO Combo Mitre Bar Kit

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    AnchorPRO Combo Mitre Bar Kit BAP-3

    The AnchorPRO Combo 3/4in Mitre Bar Kit is multi-use fixturing hardware featuring 3/4” mitre bars and Bows Patented AnchorPRO design. The Mitre Bar design is uniquely configured to add more surface contact in the slot and generates greater hold force quickly, within just one turn of the knob. The T-Bolt and Mitre Bar are designed to work together efficiently to maximize expansion quickly, and with less effort than traditional hardware. Mounts to a 3/8in * 3/4in (quickly expands to fit 20mm) Mitre Slot, or a 12-19mm T-Track if using just the T Bolts. Comes with four Bow Comfortable “oversized” Ergonomic Knobs. 

    • Greater Expansion Range

    • Faster Easier Securement

    • Tightens in Less Than One Revolution

    • Strong Hold

    • Integrated T-Bolt for T-Track Applications

    • Accommodates Variations in Mitre Slots

    • Mounts to a 3/8in * 3/4in (fits up to 20mm) Mitre Slot, or a 12-19mm T-Track.

    • Two 3/4in (19mm) Short Mitre Bars

    • One 3/4in (19mm) Long Mitre Bar

    • Four Bow Branded “oversized” ergonomic Chain Link Knobs

    • Three sets of T-Bolts that fit 12-19mm T Track:

      • Four 4-3/8in T Bolts (5/16in -18)

      • Four 2-1/4in T Bolts (5/16in -18)

      • Four 1-1/2in T Bolts (5/16in -18)

    • T Bolt Head dimensions: .090 Thick x .45 Wide x .725 Long

    $39.90 (inc GST)

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