Airshield Respirator Kit

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    Airshield Respirator Kit

    The world famous AIRSHIELD: A heavy duty, high impact Face Shield Respirator

    The Airshield is legend among woodworking circles. It works by circulating a constant flow of air over the operator's face and yet it does so while simultaneously providing a huge amount of impact protection, making it the perfect woodworking workshop accessory and protective gear. This long-life battery powered respirator is perfect for use in all woodworking applications.

    The best part is Trend make these models so damn comfortable!

    It can flow 140-180 litres per minute to the user through the dual filtration system. It not only increases protection to the user but also reduces running costs by increasing the life of the main filter. The pre filter consists of an open mesh static material that attracts the dust over a large area. It is powered by a NiCd battery that can last for up to four hours.

    Airshield Heavy Duty Respiration and Protective Shield Features

    • Combination face-seal and hood improve face protection
    • Motor positioned away from the sensitive forehead area to reduce noise and irritation
    • Strategic component distribution ensure optimum centre of gravity is achieved for balance and comfort
    • Twin filters with efficiency of 98%, more than double the MK I Airshield
    • Audible low battery warning.
    • Removable 8 hour Ni-MH battery.
    • Suitable for use when machining MDF

    The Respirator Kit includes the following items – 

    • 1x Pair THP2 fine filters
    • 1x 8 hour battery
    • 1x Battery charger
    • 1x Carry bag
    • 1x Clear visor overlay
    • 1x Airflow indicator

    All the above items included in the kit are available separately when replacements are required. We recommend purchasing another pack of visor overlays along with the kit so that if the first overlay is damaged you have them on hand for immediate replacement.

    Respirator Kit Complete
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    Replacement Filter Pack
    $84.90 (inc GST)
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    Clear Visor Overlay Pk 10
    $64.90 (inc GST)
    Replacement 8 Hour Battery
    $129.90 (inc GST)

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