Sherwood Benchtop Router Table Stand with Mitre Guide & Switch

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    Sherwood Benchtop Router Table Stand with Mitre Guide & Switch RT-685-ST

    Router Table Stand Bench with Mitre Guide and Switch

    Like all Sherwood router table components - the stands are built to the same stringent specifications, with the only difference being the footprint. While some users may opt for a custom-built stand for your table, these stands have been engineered to mate perfectly with the Sherwood Router Table Tops (available in MDF/Phenolic or solid cast-iron) and create support that is second to none in a router table.

    Benchtop Stand

    This stand is designed to be accept the heavy-duty 685 x 405mm cast-iron router table top (as well as the smaller MDF/Phenolic version), plus all the accessories that are available as well as large 1/2in routers. It has been engineered to ensure that it can handle all the forces thrown at it from environments when heavy-duty routing applications are the norm, and its strength is clear when assembled. 

    Unlike other brands, not a single corner has been cut with the benchstop stand - it has simply been built to a smaller overall footprint, making it the perfect portable unit for professionals on the go who need the best when they're out on site - or for discerning home woodworkers with space constraints.

    Due to its use of an angled leg design to increase the footprint at its base for improved stability, the tubular legs have been replaced with the same 2mm folded steel used in the full-size stand. All cross braces are folded 2mm, metallic powdercoated steel plate, so, just like the full-size stand, when it is assembled there is maximum reinforcement and zero flex - a rock solid base for a benchtop router table. 

    Just like the full-size stand, it has multiple mounting points on all four sides so when the table top is installed it forms one rock-solid unit that you can rely on. 

    There are cut-outs in the front and rear bottom braces so you can mount the full-size dust collection box underneath. This is done to make sure all sizes and shapes of router can fit underneath the table while still having the benefit of a premium dust extraction system built into the table.

    Just like the full-size stand, a remote switch with mounting bracket is included (with a single mounting location as shown), plus an extra brace where the bracket to store the included mitre guide & fence (available separately) and bracket for the router lift height winder is located.

    $299.00 (inc GST)

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