Sherwood 2HP Dust Extractor Single-Stage Dust Collection 1200CFM with Needle Felt Filter Bag

  • Sherwood 2HP Dust Extractor Single-Stage Dust Collection 1200CFM with Needle Felt Filter Bag FM-300

    Sherwood 2HP Dust Extractor: 1200CFM 1500W Dust Collector

    A great value-for-money extractor for home workshop use. It has a 2hp motor that is rated to flow up to 1200cfm. It comes with nylon filter and collection bags which can filter down to 15 microns. The collection bag measures 560mm (diameter) and 850mm (deep). It has a single 5in dust outlet with a twin 4in Y-piece supplied. An ideal addition to the workshop with the specifications to suit just about any home workshop application - even when used with large planers. 

    The larger motor and 300mm impeller creates extra capacity making it generally suitable for extraction of a single large dust-volume generating machine at any one time like planing or heavy-duty routing where one of the inlets can be blocked off for maximum suction through one path.

    Will also extract dust simultaneously from two machines creating a normal amount of dust - such as a table saw, bandsaw, sander or lathe etc.  

    Why do we think Sherwood's Dust Extractors offer the best value in Australia?

    These Dust Extractors are extremely durable, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more rugged, capable dust extractor on the market for twice the price. We all know how expensive the big US brands get in this space, to the point where when we first saw Sherwood’s range we didn’t believe they could be as high-quality and have the same build components that they do.

    It’s hard to express how much these extractors pack in for such a relatively small cost. Even in the smaller models, perfect for enthusiasts and budget woodworkers with small workshops, you still get a level of quality you don’t find in far more expensive models.

    The attention to detail is also superb. From the heavy-duty castors making them a breeze to move around your workshop, to the quality and quantity of the accessories - everything from high-quality filter bags to the full range of dust extractor fittings that Sherwood manufactures.

    You won’t find another dust extractor specialist that manufactures the entire range of dust extraction accessories - every hose, fitting, reducer, micron filter bag…you name it, it’s under the Sherwood logo. It’s a level of attention to detail that means Sherwood are an Australian brand you can trust.

    Every extractor goes through an extremely rigorous quality control process and the highlight is clearly the motor, which examplifies the industrial nature of the build components that go into every extractor. Compare the specs across the range and you’ll see what we mean - you won’t find a better value extractor anywhere in Australia.

    Incredibly easy to use, quiet yet extremely efficient and powerful. We've tried and tested all of Sherwood's Dust Extraction models and we find their industrial dust extractors to compete with dust extractors available at over twice the price, and incredible feat for the dust extraction specialists. Sherwood have over 30 years experience in this market and they sell the full range of dust extraction equipment, everything from the smallest hose fittings down to the largest full scale workshop machinery.

    Their expertise in dust extraction is unparalleled from any Australian company. They're simply miles ahead of the rest of the market when it comes to offering extremely reliable, high-quality dust extractors anywhere near this price point. We've tested tons of other manufacturers over the years - almost everyone in our workshop have used the biggest US brands at one stage or another - and we can all comfortably vouch for the quality of these extractors. You simply won't be disappointed.

    Buy online with no concerns

    We've put a huge amount of effort into ensuring that our customers can safely and securely buy these extractors online at the lowest possible price, with extremely fast delivery across Australia, with complete and utter peace of mind. We're just a phone call away any time of day, every Sherwood product from the smallest fitting to these brilliant extractors are fully covered under a five year warranty and best of all - the set up and installation of these extractors is a breeze. 

    1200CFM 1500W Dust Extractor Specifications - 

    Motor 1500W (2HP)
    Air Flow 1200CFM
    Static Pressure 8.0"/H2O
    Inlet Diameter 2 x 4in or 1 x 5in
    Bag Diameter 500mm
    Bag Capacity 153L
    Overall Size 1950 x 875 x 540mm

    The Sherwood Dust Extraction Difference: Every Phenomenal Model Starts With Unique Air Flow Testing

    There are two measurements of extractor efficiency – air flow which we measure in in cubic feet/minute (CFM) and the other lesser known measurement is static pressure that we measure in inches of water (in/H2O).

    Most woodworkers buy on CFM, but this is only a measurement of the extractor flow when no hose is attached and at the head of the extractor – not a common real-world measure. On the other hand, static pressure measures the resistance once hose has been attached.

    This will of course vary depending on the hose size so we list all static pressure measurements with the most common size 4in hose for consistency of comparison. As hose size increases static pressure will decrease and vice versa for smaller hose.

    So make sure when you compare extractors that you get the static pressure rating as well as the CFM to ensure that you are getting a machine that will work as well as the Sherwood range.


    Fast Delivery, Australia Wide

    While we keep our shipping costs as low as humanly possible, please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine, unless you have a forklift or other suitable means of offloading your machine at delivery, Australian shipping companies insist that a tailgate drop fee of $65.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns for more information.

    $479.00 (inc GST)

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