RZMask M2 Nylon Dust Face Mask Shell Day of The Dead Style White

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    RZMask M2 Nylon Dust Face Mask Shell Day of The Dead Style White

    Why choose between breathing clean air and rocking your personal style? With Mask Shells from RZ you can have it all!

    RZMask Shells can be used with the valves and filter from your existing RZMask. Or build your own from scratch by purchasing a Mask Shell, RZ V2 Valves, or Exhalation Valve Caps and Filter – all sold separately. Choose from a variety RZMask Shell designs and show your style.

    Available in 3 different sizes, please select your preferred size from the dropdown menu

    Build your own custom mask

    It’s simple to build a custom RZMask. Start by choosing the shell design you love. Recycle the valves, valve caps and filter from your existing RZMask or buy a new set of each. Visit the RZ V2 Valves, RZ Exhalation Valve Caps and Filter pages on Timbecon’s website to build your mask.

    About RZMasks

    RZMasks are designed to provide you with superior protection for your lungs. Comfortable and durable, all RZMasks filter up to 99.9% of dust particles down to 0.1 of a micron in size. Breathe easy with an RZMask, knowing you are protected from the harmful effects of inhaling dust.

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    Determine the right size mask for you by taking some measurements using the methods below.

    1. Measure from the bridge of your nose to the tip of your chin. You might find this easier to have someone assist you.

    Note: Measure from the height of the bridge of your nose (usually just below your eye line) down to the tip of your chin. Do not measure beyond the tip of your chin.

    1. Match your measurements with the sizes outlined below. RZMasks are normally available in 3 different sizes. If you measure in-between sizes, it is recommended you select the size down to allow for a tighter seal.

    RZMasks are available in the following sizes


    90 – 100mm (3.5 – 4in)


    100 – 114mm (4 – 4.5in)

    Extra Large

    114mm + (4.5in +)

    Fitting Guide

    The correct fit is key to the efficiency of filtration and comfort. There are a few tips and tricks to help you get the proper fit.

    1. When fitting your mask, place the top most part of the mask on the very top of your nose and lower the mask to cover your mouth and chin. Finish by fastening the strap(s) to a comfortable but secure fit.
    2. A proper seal is only required on the filter, not the mask shell. The filter inside the mask creates the seal over your face, while the mask shell does have some slack. This is an acceptable fit and as long as the filter is creating the seal, the mask is deemed effective.

    Note: Choose the RZ filter to match your mask size, i.e. a medium filter will match a medium size mask.

    Size: Medium
    $24.90 (inc GST)
    Size: Large
    $24.90 (inc GST)
    Size: Extra Large
    $24.90 (inc GST)

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