Milescraft Pin Doctor Hinge Pin Removal and Installation Clear Tool

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    Milescraft Pin Doctor Hinge Pin Removal and Installation Clear Tool MC-8413

    Do you have a door you want to remove or install? The Milescraft PinDoctor™ makes operating on doors hinges easy. A great tool for all you door hangers out there.

    Quickly and clearly remove and install door hinge pins with the PinDoctor™ from Milescraft. The PinDoctor™ makes operating on door hinges easy.  The clear body lets you accurately align the solid steel striking pin with your hinge and a tap of the hammer will loosen hinge pins for removal.

    Features and benefits

    Clear body construction

    • Allows for easy alignment between striking pin with door hinges

    Solid steel striking pin

    • Durable pin that won’t bend
    • Integrated with the base transfers more force to hinge pin

    Flat installation surface

    • Allows you re-insert pins without marring metal with a hammer

    Who is Milescraft

    Proudly engineered in the USA, every Milescraft product is developed and manufactured with the user in mind at every step. Make elegant wooden signs with confidence. Drive screws in awkward spaces. Install new doors in your home. Install crown moulding and trim, drill precise holes or build cabinets. Whatever the project, Milescraft solutions are here to help you complete your projects quickly and accurately.
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