Milescraft DrillBlock Metric Drill Guide

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    Milescraft DrillBlock Metric Drill Guide MC-1367

    Need to drill straight? Get the Portable DrillBlock Drilling Guide

    There are two no-brainer drilling accessories on the market that everyone should have. The first is a depth stop, saving you countless hassles in measuring and attaining the right depth. The second is this little beauty - the Milescraft DrillBlock. This drilling guide allows you to quickly and easily drill perfectly straight, repeatable holes into practically any surface.

    It's portable, easy to manoeuvre and has an ergonomic design making it easy to hold in place at practically any angle. The guide is solid metal, which means unlike poorly made competitors that can bow or flex, Milescraft's US-designed DrillBlock allows you to drill straight holes every time. It features many common drill bit sizes, making it an adaptable workshop accessory that we've found constant use for in our workshop.


    • Heavy-duty steel interior will not bow under pressure
    • Centre lines ensure accurate alignment when drilling into various surfaces
    • Non-slip feet hold the DrillBlock in place while preventing both slipping and marring on wooden workpieces
    • The two product v - grooves allow for usage on corners and even cylindrical surfaces too

    It is held at a tight tolerance and allows you to drill a hole 90 degrees to any surface. With the two V-grooves it also allows for use on corners and even cylindrical surfaces too. The centre lines also ensure accurate alignment, while the non-slip padding holds the DrillBlock in place while preventing both slipping and marring. The ergonomic, handy design fits into the hands with ease.


    The inserted solid metal guide offers six common drill diameters:

    4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm

    $15.90 (inc GST)

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