Milescraft Drill 90 Plus Right-Angle Drill Attachment with 3/8in Keyless Chuck

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    Milescraft Drill 90 Plus Right-Angle Drill Attachment with 3/8in Keyless Chuck MC-1304

    Drill into 90 degree corners, right-angles and other tight spaces with Milescraft

    As opposed to the Drive90 Right-Angle Drill Attachment, this unit is designed primarily for drill bits, rather than driver bits. It has a keyless chuck which means you can insert any drill bit without the need for a key, you can use standard size bits, spade bits, countersink bits - the principle remains the same. It's even more versatile than the hex bit driver and it snaps onto any standard drill with ease.


    • Molded side handle for a secure grip and comfortable, controlled drilling operation

    • Enhanced, All Metal Drive with Bearings
    • Constructed with steel gears, ball and roller bearings for smooth drilling
    • For longer life and durability
    • Comes with Standard 3/8in Keyless Chuck
    • Compatible with most drill accessories up to 3/8in/9.5mm
    • Ergonomic Body Design with Removable Handle
    • Dual position handle, for optimal support and capability to drill in hard to reach spaces

    When you easily clip it on, you spin the drill bit on and because it has such solid gears, it then becomes very easy to position. We've used versions of these previously that slipped or didn't hold correctly - you tend to get that with cheap imports. But because all Milescraft products are manufactured in the US and they all come with a two year warranty from us, you can buy with confidence. To see how they're used, check out Pat's video above.

    We also quite like the handle - you can screw it off if you don't want it, but we find the design fits even the stumpiest paws with ease. We have the temerity to suggest you'll even find it a bit fun to use.

    How and where to use

    The Milescraft Drill90 Plus is perfect for drilling those hard to reach wall studs and floor joists, as well as a host of other applications. Ideal for plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers and homeowners needing to navigate tight spaces.

    With a head size of only 103mm, it is compact and lightweight for prolonged use giving you increased productivity and versatility. For use with most drills – corded or cordless.



    Product Height (in.)
    9.5 in
    Product Length (in.)
    7.125 in
    Product Width (in.)
    7 in
    $47.90 (inc GST)

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