Milescraft Corner Chisel Mortice Corner Cleaner

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    Milescraft Corner Chisel Mortice Corner Cleaner MC-2220

    The Milescraft Corner Chisel allows you to cut exact 90° corners on door hinge mortices.

    The CornerChisel is self-aligning for accurate work. Square up your hinge mortises after routing. This fast and precise tool allows you to accurately cut 90° corners. This is an ideal tool for hinges and other applications.

    Corner Chisel Features

    • Chisel blade is constructed of hardened steel
    • Self-aligning for optimal accuracy
    • Cuts corners for 90° hinges
    • Recessed edge

    Milescraft – Always the better idea

    Milescraft offers a range of products designed to leverage your base skills in woodworking. Skills such as measuring, drilling and sawing.

    Make it easy with Milescraft – order your Corner Chisel today.

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