M-Power CRB7 Combination Router Base Mortice Hinge & Lock Jig Attachment

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    M-Power CRB7 Combination Router Base Mortice Hinge & Lock Jig Attachment MP-20075

    Now Cutting Mortises or Hinge or Lock Rebates or Edge Guide work is safer, quicker and more accurate than before.

    Please note this is an attachment to the CRB7 Router Base which must be purchased separately for use with this attachment.


    • Quick to fit and easy to set up.
    • Creates genuine stability when routing into an edge.
    • Twin micro adjustable quick lock jaws.
    • Highly adjustable range of stock widths from 12 - 175mm wide.
    • Mounting points and fixings included for auxiliary cheeks/fences.
    • Machined in anodized aluminium and highly durable nylon.

    Functions - 

    • Cut centred and off centred mortices -  the base unit CRB7 includes a pair of mortise pins. However M.POWER are on the endless search of continual improvement and now offer the MHL as truly stable, accurate method of cutting a huge variety of different size mortices.
    • Cut hinge and lock rebates - the average thickness of a door is less than 50mm, which only increases the issue of a small surface contact area between the base of the router and the work surface. The MHL jaws fitted with auxiliary cheeks overcome this issue by shifting and increasing the surface contact areas onto the sides of the work piece. The MHL assures stability allowing quick , repeatable hinge and lock recesses.
    • Repeat cut sets of flutes - decorative fluting can be the perfect finish to a piece of furniture or larger woodworking projects, such as Newel posts on a set of stairs. The MHL's micro adjustment jaw settings combine with the same micro adjustment on the CRB7 for the router cutter. Provides the perfect set up to machine sets of precise decorative mouldings with real accuracy quickly and with a maximum board width of 175mm.
    • Edge moulding - The CRB7 fitted with the MHL is one of the simplest set ups with which to perform a quick and easily repeatable edge mold. The CRB7's Micro Adjuster precisely controls how much of the cutter is presented to the board edge to be moulded and with the auxilliary cheeks fitted, the cutter is couched into the edge guide to create a seamless support either side of the cutter. 
    • Parallel to edge groove or channelling - The CRB7 MHL edge guide is breathtakingly simple to fit and has a much greater depth range to penetrate in from the edge of the board up to 190mm. The new edge guide also benefits from the accuracy of the CRB7's micro adjuster which controls the distance between cutter and the edge of the board.
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