Sherwood 6in Bench Top Jointer

  • Sherwood 6in Bench Top Jointer

    Sherwood's new 6in Jointer is a space-saving sensation

    This Sherwood 6 inch benchtop jointer is perfect for use in compact workshops and on site. And whilst the machine is small, it is not small on features. The body is made of plate steel and features an aluminium table, this means this benchtop jointer is not only very sturdy, it is also super light – very easy to store away or take to site when working.

    Sherwood have been one of Australia's leading jointer manufacturers for nearly 21 years now, largely due to the attention to detail you'll find throughout all of their planing machinery. Long famous for their jointer and thicknesser range, the quality of the blades on these units surpasses any other manufacturers we've stocked. The fit and finish is exemplary for machines at this price point, with high-quality, fully adjustable fences and extremely durable cutter heads two of the features that receive huge amounts of positive feedback from our customers.

    The accesories that Sherwood include are also a real bonus - virtually unheard of with a machine of this quality at this price. Durable, carefully fitted dust collection bags, spring-loaded blade guards, push sticks, DIY guides - you name it, this machine is delivered to your doorstep with it.

    Jointer 6in Bench Top Aluminium Table Features

    The Sherwood Benchtop Jointer is supplied with the following:

    • Angle adjustable fence
    • Nice and portable 14kg weight
    • Fitted dust collection bag
    • Spring loaded blade guard
    • Straight blade cutter head
    • Push stick
    • Comprehensive manual


    • Motor Power – 1100W
    • Max Cutting Width – 153mm (6 inch)
    • Max Cutting Depth - 3mm (1/8 inch)
    • Cutterhead RPM – 10000
    • Number of Blades – 2
    • Table size – 725 x 160mm (28 ½ x 6 ¼ inches)
    • Fence size – 530 x 110mm (21 x 4 ¼ inches)
    • Dust collection port – 60.5mm (2 ½ inches)
    • Fence angle – 0 – 45 degrees
    • Weight - 14kg

    Should I buy a 6in or 8in Jointer?

    If you're looking at bench top six inch jointer models, chances are space saving is a consideration. In that respect, you don't lose much in Sherwood's 6in models other than capacity. The specifications are great on both models, the power and accessories included are all top notch as well. So if you're worried about the machine itself, that shouldn't be a consideration.

    Instead, where we encourage you to think most is about the bed length and how restrictive a six inch model may prove in the future. What you must remember is that once you pass your workpiece through the 6in Jointer and then take it to you table saw, you're probably going to end up with stock shorter than six inches, so don't try to cut your capacity too fine, or you may end constantly finding yourself just short of what you actually need.

    $499.00 (inc GST)
    Replacement Blade Set
    $50.00 (inc GST)

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