Torquata Patternmakers Vice - Above Bench

  • Torquata Patternmakers Vice - Above Bench PMV-302

    Patternmakers' Vice, Luthiers' Vise, Guitar Markers' Vice; Whatever you want to call them. This vice from Torquata will not let you down.

    This versatile Pattern Makers Vice is also known as a Luthier's Vice or Guitar Maker's Vice, but they are equally suited to all manner of woodwork. The major benefit of this vise over traditional units is its ability to hold irregularly shaped or tapered objects. This is facilitated through its rotating jaws.

    This heavy-duty vice mounts to any work surface up to give you a strong an sturdy foundation, whilst allowing for the most accessible usage. The steel jaws ride on dual steel guideways that are machined flat and adjust with a hand driven screw of hardened steel. The jaws are fitted with thick hardwood pads to which a rubber surface has been bonded to protect all work surfaces.

    The vise body swivels a full 360° on its mounting plates; by loosening the top hex screws, the jaws also rotate 360°, converting from outside to inside clamping (spreading), or to securely hold irregularly shaped or tapered objects. Ideal for instrument makers, carvers, furniture makers, and patternmakers, this very well made tool will be an excellent and versatile asset to any woodworking or mechanical shop.

    The 140mm (5.5in) pads will hold workpieces up to 145mm (5.7in) thick.

    Colour: Black

    $249.00 (inc GST)

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