Torquata Aluminium Straight Edge

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    Torquata Aluminium Straight Edge

    Torquata Aluminium Straight Edge

    Available in 2 different lengths. Please select your length from the drop-down menu.

    We thought it was time to give our straight edges a bit of an upgrade and a design refresh.

    A super-reliable, durable Aluminium Straight Edge from Torquata is a must have for any workshop.

    These economical straight edges will suit virtually all woodworkers' needs.

    They feature an 11mm-wide lapped flat sole on one edge so that it easily stands upright. The fine 3mm-wide edge is accurate to the British Standard of 0.075mm over the 965mm length. Anodised black for long life, durability and visibility in the workshop. They show Metric graduations on both edges.

    Please note: Like most straight edges, it is the bladed side of the straight edge that is calibrated to be perfectly straight. The back edge may not be dead straight.

    610mm 24in Long
    $44.90 (inc GST)
    968mm 38in Long
    $64.90 (inc GST)

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