Sherwood Woodlathe Mini 300 x 450mm - EVS

  • Sherwood Woodlathe Mini 300 x 450mm - EVS SWL-1218-VS

    When you're dealing with small machinery, it's all about attention to detail.

    The majority of lathe manufacturers on the market produce similar machines: they look okay at first glance but are untested, undisciplined operations that aren't run by real woodworkers, for real woodworkers. As a result, you simply can't find the fit and finish - whether it's the smooth, timeless design of the handles or the cast of the headstock and tailstocks, any where else for this price point.

    Accessories Included

    • Face plate
    • Drive spur
    • Live centre
    • Knock out bar
    • Tool kit

    Put simply, these lathes are way ahead of the pack. While other models have smaller toolrests and small toolrest holders, meaning you're stuck with an irregular shape for the rest of your woodturning life, every fitting on this lathe is specifically designed to fit the industry standard and the widest possible range of accessories. Then there's all the extra fittings, fantastic additions like tool holders that make them the best of the bunch.

    The design is time-tested and built for reliability but what makes it special is, as we keep repeating, the Sherwood Difference. We've been woodworking for 30 years and we test every feature to ensure that the little touches are a streak ahead of the competition, while maintaining a sturdy robust design that's effortlessly reliable. We'd have it no other way.

    Why variable speed?

    Introducing the new Electronic Variable Speed woodlathe, equipped with electronically-controlled speed adjustment. This new EVS model retains the range's renowned reliability and three-pully system, but adds the latest in woodturning technology, to make your lathe work easier, more accurate and more enjoyable. With user-experience the focus behind Sherwood's new range, their time-tested manual speed models also get an overhaul, with improved height, toolrests and wheels just the beginning.

    Variable Speed means you're no longer at the mercy of the simple manual three pully system. If you need the best possible level of control, maximising your accuracy and the perfection of your turning for any project you can dream of, then variable speed is essential. It puts the power in your hands, and put simply, it's the future of woodworking.

    Why a Sherwood lathe?

    2MT morse tapers (hollow so you can use a long-hole drill through the centre) hold your workpiece securely. It still has serious capacity - with 550W of power at variable spindle speeds of up to 3800rpm, it would be a waste of time if it didn't - but it's also easily mobile, it doesn't take up ridiculous amounts of space so it tucks away beautifully in a garage and best of all it's reliable.

    It was a 5-year warranty and it's pick up and play, meaning if you don't use it everyday you don't have to worry about deterioration. This lathe is built to last.

    Also available in kit options and additional bed extension.

    Motor 550W
    Swing 305mm
    Centre Height 152mm
    Working Length 455mm
    Spindle Speed 450-3500 RPM
    Thread Size M30 x 3.5 TPI


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