Sherwood 12in Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw

  • Sherwood 12in Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw SWHS-1305

    Sherwood's 12inch Hybrid Bench Saw is of the most versatile, practical saws on the market.

    Hybrid saws are genius when they're done correctly, but so many on the market fall to the typical woodworking pitfalls: trying to be too much and ending up too little. This hybrid saw sticks to its guns and delivers every time.

    As with typical hybrid saws, the saw carriage is mounted to the underside of the table like a contractor's saw, however this saw has an enhanced mounting mechanism that reduces vibration and improving cutting performance over many contractor or hybrid saws. The carriage is cast-iron with a smooth, effective blade bevel and height adjustment system making it easy to adjust.

    A braked table saw with a whisper-quiet motor

    The highlight - except for the incredibly competitive price, which surprised even us - is the whisper quiet, braked motor. This means that while the motor is so smooth and quiet to run that it is genuinely a pleasure to work on this machine, the brake means you can turn it off and watch the blade stop before your eyes! A lovely safety feature if we don't say so ourselves.

    Oh, and did we mention the fit and finish? This new generation of Sherwood table saws have extremely well-built, highly considered and tested winding apparatus' and pristine colouring finishes.

    They are truly beautiful and a pleasure to operate - and we realise this may be hard to believe given the low cost, so we strongly encourage you to come and test it out at our stores, call us to talk to our experts or simply try it for yourself. We couldn't be more confident that you'll love it.


    • Whisper quiet, braked 1800W induction motor
    • Peak operating power of 2800W (12A)
    • Requires 15 Amp Circuit
    • Magnetic on/off switch for excellent safety and ease of operation
    • Flat ribbed drive belt for maximum power transfer from the motor to blade spindle
    • Standard 5/8in (15.9mm) arbor that is long enough to use standard dado blades (available separately)
    • Class-leading 105mm depth of cut when using full-size 305mm blade
    • Built-in spindle lock to make blade changes quick and easy
    • European-style overhead guard with built-in 2 1/2in dust outlet port
    • Can be interchanged with included splitter when deep ripping thicker material
    • Steel saw blade insert with built-in levelling adjusters
    • 4in dust outlet built into rear of cabinet base
    • Safer left blade 45° bevel tilting adjustment
    • Bevel and height adjustment via cast-iron polished handwheels
    • Precision-ground cast-iron table
    • Ground cast-iron table with two cast-iron extension wings included
    • Machined standard size 3/4 x 3/8in T-mitre slots so all standard accessories can be mounted
    • Solid, good quality mitre guide with in-built 90° and 45° stops and comfortable locking handle
    • Aluminium tube fence rails with large capacity
    • Rigid extruded aluminium long fence arm
    • Steel fence locking arm with highly effective alloy fence clamp for solid locking action against rails
    • In-built fine adjustment built into fence arm to accurately square fence to blade
    • Clear magnified fence cursor to accurately align against scale

    Why a Hybrid Saw?

    The Hybrid saw’s features are a blend of contractor and cabinet saws, as they’re designed to fill the gap between these two models. Despite this, they’re still not comparable to cabinet saws in power or accuracy - hybrids are essentially a contractor’s saw, mounted to the table-top, but with a cabinet stand.

    It’s true that most hybrids have a better fence, cast-iron rather than pressed-metal wings and the cabinet base is fairly rigid. This added weight then offers more precision, but it's nowhere near as effective as an actual cabinet saw.

    In layman’s terms, these are upgraded contractor’s saws with a fancy name. But if you’re feeling ambitious, at a similar price to contractor’s saws, they still offer good value for money (and with a five year warranty, you can't go wrong).


    Motor type Fully enclosed, fan-cooled, induction motor with capacitor start
    Power 1800W (2.5HP)
    Phase Single
    Switch Magnetic
    Blade Diameter 12in (305mm)
    Arbor Diameter 5/8in (15.8mm)
    Arbor Speed 4200
    Arbor Lock Yes
    Maximum Cut Depth (90 degrees) 105mm
    Maximum Cut Depth (45 degrees)  
    Dado Max Diameter x Width 203 x 23mm
    Table & Trunnion & Wings Cast-Iron
    Mitre T-Slot Two at 19 x 10mm
    Dust Collection 4in Port


    Please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine that a tailgate drop fee of $80.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns for more information.

    $1,699.00 (inc GST)
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