Hand Sander SandPlane

  • Hand Sander SandPlane MC-1620

    Interchangeable sandplane for all your sanding needs!

    The Milescraft SandPlane is your perfect sanding accessory. It has been designed to sand almost any shape encountered in DIY, home improvement, furniture restoration, and woodworking applications. With one of the four sanding profiles attached to the SandPlane body, simply attach your hook and loop backed sanding disc and you’re ready to go.


    • Ergonomic SandPlane Body

    • Designed to accept standard 125mm sanding disc

    • Hook and loop prevents sandpaper from slipping and comfort

    • Four Interchangeable Sanding Profiles - Concave, ConvexV-Groove, and Flat surfaces

    $16.50 (inc GST)

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