Fastcap Speed Skate Machine Dollie

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    Fastcap Speed Skate Machine Dollie FC-09822

    Incredible mobile wheel base for unparalleled ease of movement

    The Speed Skate allows you to move large & heavy materials around the job or shop by yourself. It easily supports 8 x 4ft (2400x1200mm) sheets of material up to 45mm thick. Large wheels and ball bearings allow you to move boards without struggle. Has a massive 225kg capacity.

    Speed Skate

    • Tough polyurethane wheels
    • Speed skate supports up to 1-3/4in widths
    • Granite and synthetic slabs move perfectly
    • Plywood and doors equally fantastic!

    The incredible Fastcap guarantee

    Every single Fastcap tool is built by tradespeople, for tradespeople in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. They are the industry standard for woodworking tools, the undisputed professional's choice and world-famous innovators, responsible for some of the greatest trade inventions in the last century.

    Put simply, they're bloody brilliant. Try them for yourself.


    "Where have you been all my life" Mike Parker on 01/09/2015 18:17
    Review: LOVE this thing!!!! Moving plywood & MDO are easy NOW. The hardest thing now is getting the plywood up on my table saw. Thanks for saving my back. I bought one of those Gorilla Gripper's and then found out I was then picking the whole plywood weight with just one arm. NOT GOOD when your 68 years old. Wish I had found your product earlier.
    "Speed Skate is a Great Product" Mike Reckers on 12/18/2014 05:15
    Review: Such a simple idea,yet it works perfectly for rolling doors and panels about the shop or garage.

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