Baladonia Woodturners Centre Kit of 6

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    Baladonia Woodturners Centre Kit of 6 WTCKIT-6

    Have you ever had a project idea and then realised that because you don't have a lathe centre, that you will have to go a buy one and waste time. Well we have sought to solve this problem with this Baladonia you get all the centres that you can possibly need. 

    The kit contains one of each of the following.

    Crown Drive Centre #2MT 16mm & 25mm

    Get a better bite on your spindle with the crown drive centre. More teeth give a better grip while providing equal pressure and a positive drive. There is no need to hammer your drive centre into the workpiece and risk splitting your work. A spring-loaded point simplifies the positioning of your spindle in the centre and retracts to avoid spitting your work when tailstock pressure is applied.

    Two head sizes are available - both in industry-standard #2 morse tapers.

    Live Centre Cup #2MT 33mm

    Large and heavy duty standard live cup centre with a 60° point and full-sealed ball bearing precision for long centre life. The head diameter measures 33mm and is available in standard #2 morse taper.

    Live Centre Revolving #2MT 19mm

    This multi-tooth live tailstock center provides a great grip with less stress and avoids splitting your wood. It has sealed bearings and spring loaded point for easy positioning and wood removal.

    The head measures 19mm for use on small to medium size workpieces. Only available to suit industry-standard #2 morse tapers.

    Spur Centre #2MT 16mm & 25mm

    These well-made spur centers are great to replace existing, worn spur centres. Featuring a large and sturdy tapered retractable centre pin - to make it easy to locate but provides minimal marking on the workpiece-  with four spurs, each spur has a score taken out of the middle to greatly improve the grip when turning over standard smooth spurred centres. 

    The heads measures 16mm and 25mm overall diameter - available in the standard #2 morse taper.

    $199.00 (inc GST)

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