Sherwood 26in Twin-Head Drum Sander

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    Sherwood 26in Twin-Head Drum Sander

    Don't pay $800 more from our competitors!

    The same incredibly powerful, industrial sander technology, but at Timbecon, we're offering it for at a home workshop price:

    Don't limit yourself to small stock sizes when you can take on virtually any sanding project with an incredibly durable, hard-wearing machine, all for an affordable price.

    What's more, at five years, Sherwood offers one of the longest machine warranties in the industry. The set-up on this machine is also amazingly simple, a matter of a minute or less thanks to the fantastic fit of the abrasives.

    This unit is built for a class-leading long service life, with two dynamically-balanced 660mm (26in) wide drums that are twin-belt driven from a 3HP single-phase (15-Amp) motor so you can run different grits. This means you can complete entire sanding projects with one pass, and tackle even the toughest material - whether it be sanding at home or 100 projects a day in a small trade/school workshop - with absolute comfort and ease.

    Why a Sherwood Twin-Head model?

    The benefit of the twin-head design is that by winding two different grit abrasives on the two drums you can effectively run two passes in one feed through the machine.

    Why choose a Sherwood sander over its competitors?

    Apart from the five-year warranty, the conveyor belt is also higher quality than the smaller units, leading to an all-round excellent quality machine. Unlike some of our competitors, this machine also features a wide base and micro-adjuster switch, further enhancing stability and ease of use.

    These features also accentuate your control, reducing operation noise and improving its appearance - you'll be impressed with the staggering Sherwood orange colouring and matte black fit and finish.


    • 2250W (3HP) 4-pole (1,400rpm) high-torque induction motor
    • 125W (1/6HP) DC variable feed motor
    • Twin-belt drive system to dynamically balanced 5in sanding drum
    • Accepts standard 100mm-wide clothed back abrasives
    • Will sand workpiece thicknesses 6.4 - 127mm
    • Conveyor feed speeds 0.9 - 6m/min
    • Twin 4in dust outlets built into sanding drum cover for max extraction
    • Replacement sandpaper measures: 2600mm L x 100mm W

    Please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine that a tailgate drop fee of $65.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freights & Returns for more information.

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    $3,249.00 June Sale! (inc GST)
    RRP: $3,599.00
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