Super-Flat Fence Fine Adjustment Kit

  • Super-Flat Fence Fine Adjustment Kit RTFNCFAS

    Since using the Super-Flat Fences internally we have found that one area lacking is the ability to fine adjust the fence to get super-accurate passes on the table. Working in conjunction with the factory, we have developed this retro-fit kit that suits all Super-Flat Fences sold.

    Simply unbolt the clamping handle, slide the fine adjustment assembly into the slot on the mounting arms and re-bolt the handle in place.

    By tightening the fine adjustment knob at the back, you get ultra-fine adjustment via the knurled aluminium handwheel and when in place lock the main handle in place. 

    This small kit has fixed the only weakness ever levelled at these fences for a small cost and minimal fuss, making the Baladonia Router Tables one of the best ever available in Australia.

    $69.90 (inc GST)

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