Sherwood Router Table Fence Fine Adjustment Kit

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    Sherwood Router Table Fence Fine Adjustment Kit RTFNCFAS

    Sherwood's Super-Flat Router Table Fence Adjustment Kit: Take Control Of Your Fence

    Routing can bring high-level machining accuracy to any woodworking project. Even the slightest unsightly gap can create a lot more hard work fixing the problem, or end up wasting valuable material. The Sherwood Super-Flat Fence Adjustment Kit fixes one axis of adjustment by bringing fine adjustment accuracy to fence placement.

    Since using the Super-Flat Fences internally we have found that one area lacking is the ability to fine adjust the fence to get super-accurate passes on the table. Working in conjunction with the factory, we have developed this retro-fit kit that suits all Super-Flat Fences sold.

    How to use the Sherwood Fence Adjusting System

    To fit the fine adjustment assembly remove the main locking handle from the fence and place the fine adjustment block into the groove. Re-attach the main locking handle at the back of the fine adjustment assembly and the smaller locking handle to attach the fine adjustment assembly to the main fence.

    When using the fence now, position it roughly in place against the graduations. Lock the main handles for the first clamping action, then dial in the fence to its correct location using the ultra-fine adjustment knob to locate it precisely where needed. Lock in the secondary smaller knob now and you have got your fence perfectly located – no more tapping and trial and error required to get it right first time, every time.

    The Sherwood Router Fence Fine Adjustment Kit contains a pair of fine adjustment assemblies.

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