Razorsaw Miniature Douzki Japanese Saws

  • Razorsaw Miniature Douzki Japanese Saws

    Dozuki Pull Saws are the most popular Japanese saw for a reason.

    Dozuki Japanese Saws are the most popular in the range as they can be used as a tennon, backsaw or dovetail saw. The addition of the spine means the blades are manufactured wafer thin with a kerf of just 0.3mm. The tooth configuration is designed primarily for cross and end-grain cutting leaving a fine and smooth surface finish.

    These Miniature Japanese Saws are made for users who need a small tool to get into a tight space, or who only work with small work pieces and therefore can exert greater control through the use of a smaller saw.

    The Razorsaw 290 features a 180mm blade with 16.9TPI and a comfortable grip. A compact general purpose Japanese saw.


    • Blade Length: 180mm
    • Blade Thickness: 0.3mm
    • TPI: 16.9
    Japanese Saw
    $42.90 (inc GST)
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    Replacement Blade Only
    $32.90 (inc GST)

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