Mitsukawa Japanese 225mm Ryoba Pull Saw

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    Mitsukawa Japanese 225mm Ryoba Pull Saw MKRH-225

    This handmade Japanese Ryoba Pull Saw is designed for very precise sawing in both soft and hardwoods. It is a beautifully light and sharp saw perfect for all woodworkers who love to use hand tools when sawing wood.

    Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And using Japanese tools takes this experience to the next level.

    Mitsukawa 225mm Ryoba Pull Saw

    This craftsman made saw is a professional quality Ryoba saw handmade by 3rd generation Saw Smith Daizo Mitsukawa. The saw is double sided with crosscut teeth along one edge and rip cut along the other. The blade is tapered and has a thin kerf that crosscuts like a Dozuki (dovetail) saw without the depth limitation of a backsaw. This saw is perfect introduction to Japanese handmade saws and the working craftsperson.

    Key features

    • Beautifully light and thin Japanese saw for very precise sawing
    • Offers both a fine crosscut and rip cut sawing action
    • Blade is slightly tapered through its thickness to relieve the sawing action
    • These Mitsukawa saws may be resharpened
    • Handmade in Japan by 3rd generation Master Saw Smith


    • Blade length 225mm
    • TPI Cross cut 20, Rip cut variable 11 – 8
    • Tapered blade, SK Japanese steel
    • Wooden handle with rattan binding
    • Warranty 2 years limited

    A note on Mitsukawa saws

    These saws are handmade with a traditional approach. Since the Rip side of the teeth are smaller at the hilt of the blade and larger at the toe, some Japanese Saw Smiths do not check the TPI for rip cutting teeth hence this detail is not always provided. In addition, the blades have been thinned (for tensioning) by using a special hand tool called a Sen which looks like a spokeshave. This means each individual saw can vary in size so exact kerf data is also not always provided.

    A resharpenable Japanese saw

    Unlike production made Japanese saws who use replaceable blades, these Mitsukawa handmade saws can be resharpened. The teeth are not impulse hardened so they may be resharpened using a Feather file.

    Tapered blade

    This Mitsukawa saw has a tapered blade which means the blade is thinner in the centre than at the outer edges. This design relives the sawing action allowing the blade to move through the cut without dragging. This particularly beneficial when making deep through cuts.

    General use

    The saw is for the craftsperson. The blade is delicate, meaning the blade is extremely thin to create a very fine kerf and uses a hard steel which can make the blade brittle. Therefore, please take care when using the saw to prevent unnecessary warp which can cause the blade to snap. You still move your saw back and forward yet do lift the blade slightly when going forward in the cut to minimise the chance of flex. Unlike production Japanese pull saws, this saw does not have replacement blades.

    Why use a Japanese saw

    Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke. This means the blade is stretched when in use thus the sawblade may be made very thin relative to western saws. This means you can enjoy a very narrow and accurate cuts.

    Who are Mitsukawa

    Mitsukawa is a saw company run by Japanese Saw Smith Daizo Mitsukawa in Miki City Japan. Mr Mitsukawa has been awarded by the Japanese government for inheriting and maintaining the tradition of hand forged saws.
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