FastCap FASTenon Joiners - 100 Pack

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    FastCap FASTenon Joiners - 100 Pack FC-03064

    Do you use a Festool Domino machine? Do you need a quick fix Domino styled tenon that does not require glue or clamping of any kind? Then check out the FastCap FASTenon Joiner.

    Key features

    • FASTenon dimensions – 6 x 21.6 x 38mm long
    • Suitable for use with a 6mm Domino cutter
    • Plastic barbs for a super secure fix
    • No clamps or glue required
    • Perfect for site installation work and complex joinery

    FASTenon Joiners

    FASTenon Joiners are 6mm thick, 21.6mm wide and 38mm long – the perfect quick fix Domino substitute. These FASTenons do not require clamping or even glue to create a hard fix. Simply machine the opposing slots in both parts, hammer in the FASTenons and assemble.

    Magical plastic barbs

    The magic of the FASTenon design are the plastic barbs that run along each long edge. When hammered into position, these barbs create a super tight fix that hold fast within the machined slots. This allows you to assemble your joint without clamps or adhesive.

    Use for site work

    FASTenon Joiners are perfect for site installation work. If you are installing fitted furniture onsite such as a bar, kitchen or library, FASTenon Joiners are your new best friend. Use to quickly assemble and glue parts without the need for extensive clamping equipment. No hanging around waiting for things to dry.

    Use for complex joinery

    Some joins are complex. And unless you make an array of jigs it’s difficult to get a good fix with your clamps. And there is the risk of marring the joinery surface. Hello! Welcome FASTenon Joiners. Use these quick fix joiners to hold complex joins together while they glue.

    Make fast prototypes

    Another great application is model making. If you like to prototype your pieces before you build, use FASTenon Joiners. Save time and get quick results. Oversize the joinery slots just a tad so the piece can be pulled apart again for any necessary rework.

    Who is FastCap

    FastCap produce a broad range of innovative, easy to use products for both the enthusiast and professional woodworker. FastCap take their inspiration for new products from their customers. If you have an idea or a better way of doing something, FastCap want to know about it.

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