Abrasiflex Pty Ltd was established in July, 1975 and have since grown into one of the leading suppliers in the nation of industrial abrasive products. The extensive product range is sourced from leading manufacturers around the world of industrial abrasives and related products. 

  • Aluminium oxide grinding wheels are the woodworker’s choice for bench grinding wheels as they provide a cool yet maximum cutting rate on hardened tool and high-speed steel commonly found in woodworking tools.

    The grit refers to the density of the crystalline structure of the plate – the higher the density the slower the material stock removal – therefore acting as a “finer grit” but this also can lead to increased heat build-up with the chance of changing the structure of the cutting edge or “burning” the edge.

    We generally recommend a 46 or 60 “Grit” wheel for most woodworking applications.

    We have sold the Abrasiflex grinding wheels for more than 20 years now because –

    ·      The white aluminum oxide is held in a premium vitrified bond

    ·      Each wheel contains nested bushings to accommodate a wide variety of standard arbor sizes

    ·      The performance of Abrasiflex wheels is on par with other brands but offers great value-for-money

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  • A simple method of dressing grinder wheels – the coarse grit is harder than aluminium oxide and will slowly but effectively true up the plate and expose new a cutting face on bench grinder wheels.

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