Baladonia Bench Grinder Universal Toolrest Kit

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    Baladonia Bench Grinder Universal Toolrest Kit CJ-05

    This accessory suits 6in and 8in bench grinders and is capable of a wide range of angles, making it versatile for sharpening virtually all woodworking tools.

    • Massive 190 x 85mm working surface
    • Maximum height of table when positioned flat is 150mm
    • Includes straight grinding guide for use when sharpening square edge blades
    • Spring loaded clamping handles lock the table in place securely and stay out of the way
    • Creates a hollow ground bevel which, when honed, creates a razor sharp edge
    PLEASE NOTE; The Baladonia CJ-05-WT Skew/Gouge Jig is sold separately.
    $54.90 (inc GST)

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