# 7 Profile Long Bent Blade Medium Carving Chisels

  • # 7 Profile Long Bent Blade Medium Carving Chisels

    Chisel away at something great

    You’re sitting at your workbench, the sun gently flickering through the windows, as you patiently and studiously carve away the afternoon. Some people call this grunt work, but we in the business know all too well this ‘work’ is actually the most tranquil part of our day.

    It’s not the work that’s challenging, but finding the right product to match our passion. Woodworkers want tried and tested manufacturers that follow the same painstaking dedication in their construction as we use in ours. 

    Kirschen, or Two Cherries, have been manufacturing some of the finest carving tools in the world for over 155 years. From the idyllic north-German city of Remscheid, these carving tools aren’t just another chisel. They’re a piece of history, from the Kirschen family to yours. 

    As the company say, “Take care of these tools, your children and grandchildren will thank you.”

    Why Kirschen Carving Tools?

    In German, Kirschen translates to cherries, which on the surface may seem a strange choice of title for the renowned German brand. 

    But there is a certain sweetness to a company that’s been family owned for one and a half centuries and manufactures in their hometown, forging their blades by hand.


    • Hand-forged blades treated in salt immersion baths
    • Rockwell hardness rated at 61Rc
    • Polished rich finish
    • Flat gouge
    • Octagonal hornbeam handle for greater grip and stability
    • Lacquer finish

    Which chisel is right for me?

    Kirschen professional carving tools come in a wide range of sizes to suit every application, with the unparalleled level of finesse attainable making them the perfect solution for those looking to carve sculptures or reliefs. 

    While the 25mm medium gouge model is suitable for medium sized carvings, long-bent gouges feature a shank that is bent along its entire length and are specially designed for deep cuts.

    Two Cherries pride themselves on bringing a level of finesse to what some may call ‘grunt work’. The fact they’re so reliable is just the cherry on top.  

    Carving Tool Long Blade #7 Long Bent Gouge 20mm
    $83.50 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock
    Carving Tool Long Blade #7 Long Bent Gouge 25mm
    $94.50 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock
    Carving Tool Long Profile #7 Medium Gouge 25mm
    $85.90 (inc GST)
    Carving Tool Long Profile #7 Medium Gouge 18mm
    $72.90 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock

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