RZMask 3-in-1 Woodworkers Apron

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    RZMask 3-in-1 Woodworkers Apron RZ-24762

    Keep yourself clean, tidy, and organised in the RZ Mask 3-in-1 Woodworker’s Apron - the only workshop apron you’ll ever need!

    RZ’s versatile and innovative three-in-one design allows you to wear it as a full-length apron (covering the thighs), a short-length apron, or as a utility belt. In any configuration it will fit almost any body type thanks to long, fully adjustable straps and waist cinch. It is also equipped with an adjustable neck strap for comfortable and secure fit.

    The RZ Mask 3-in-1 Woodworker’s Apron has been carefully designed with multiple pockets, loops, and slots for easy organization of your tools. The clever magnetised pocket stops small items like screws and washers from falling into the bottom where they are hard to fish out. The whole apron is made from durable, water-resistant fabric that resists oil and stains, making it perfect for the toughest jobs in any shop or garage.

    The RZ Mask 3-in-1 Woodworker’s Apron has 7 Pockets:

    • 2 flap pockets keep out sawdust and debris

    • Upper pocket for phone, notepad, etc.

    • Pencil pocket

    • 2 open center pockets

    • 2 lower utility pockets

    With rugged zippers connecting each section, the RZ Mask 3-in-1 Woodworker’s Apron is easily convertible:

    • OPTION 1: Apron is 530mm deep when worn just below the waist

    • OPTION 2: Apron is 800mm deep when worn chest-to-knee

    • OPTION 3: Toolbelt only is 250mm deep and 685mm wide

    Warning: Magnet in Pocket! Can be harmful to pacemaker wearers and others with medical implants. To avoid damage, keep magnetic media such as computer disks, credit cards, and tapes away. 

    $99.00 (inc GST)

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