Timbecon Rewards Program

The Timbecon Rewards Program is designed to give back to you for supporting us.

It is a simple system where you will always earn one point for every dollar that you spend with us (excluding discounts over and above advertised specials). When you reach 500 points we will give you a $20 voucher that is valid for four months and can be redeemed on any purchase of your choice.

While your voucher is valid for four months, we never cancel or reset your accruing points balance, so it doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to reach the threshold, if you keep shopping with us even over a number of years you will always get points until you reach the 500-point issuance level.

We will always honour your loyalty to us.

  • For every voucher we issue, you will also receive a Timbecon Status point and when you get to 10 Timbecon Status points, you will receive a lifetime member 5% discount on all purchases that you make with us forever.
  • When you get 20 Timbecon Status points you will get a lifetime membership discount of 10% on all purchases.
  • A limited number of exclusions may apply.
Timbecon Rewards