Ready2Rout Router Table Lift System

  • Ready2Rout Router Table Lift System NW-10015

    An automatically adjustable Router Table add-on with the accuracy of a CNC Router

    The Ready2Rout Router Table System adapts to virtually any router table and provides the user with the accuracy of a CNC router. In addition to being able to adjust either the fence or lift to measurements to as little of 0.025mm or 0.001in (!!!).

    The Ready2Rout Router Table System also has a suite of built in joinery apps that takes the guesswork out of once complicated setups and allows repeatability virtually unmatched with any other system. 

    Just select the type of joinery from the menu, enter your bit and material size, and follow the on-screen prompts to cut joints like blind dovetails, box joints, dadoes, flutes or any of the over 13 premade apps again with an accuracy of 0.025mm.

    Have your own custom setup needs? You can also key in and memorize custom setups individually, giving you the ability to select them again and again. Great for such complex setups like lock mitres or raised panels.

    So what is it exactly?

    The Router Table System comes with a router lift that is designed to mount round-body router motors common to the North American market. Because these are 110V units we cannot offer these here, but Timbecon does offer water-cooled spindles (sold separately) that significantly outperform standard routers, running quieter, smoother and with maximum torque across the full rev range - making it a perfect companion to the Ready2Rout lift.

    It also includes the Ready2Rout fence that is controlled in conjunction with the Router2Rout Lift from the one colour touch-screen pendant. In other words, the pendant gives you fence movement accuracy AND router bit height accuracy, both to within 0.025mm, which of course is repeatable and completely foolproof.

    Ready2Rout Router Fence & Lift Combo Specifications

    • Digital precision lets you adjust the fence and raise or lower router the bit height in increments of 0.025mm.
    • Fast and accurate bit height adjustment with digital precision.
    • Rugged, all-metal construction.
    • Router plate measures 298 x 235mm, and made from 9.5mm thick aluminium and fits most standard router tables (table and stand not included).
    • Insert rings are solid steel with magnetic hold downs
    • Four solid steel support rods and twin stepper drive motors
    • Removeable t-slot fence allows for customization or adaptation of other precision fences.
    • 13 built-in precision joinery apps, including: Through dovetail, blind dovetail, sliding dovetail, box joint, dado, repeating dado, keyhole, fluting, indexing, 4 different biscuit joinery, tongue and groove, pocket holes, and rabbeting.
    • Perfect repeatability for joinery such as dadoes, half-blind dovetails and box joints, and for decorative elements such as flutes
    • Easy-to-use color touch-screen Pendant interface
    • Includes touch plate for accurately resetting bit and fence to zero
    • Keeps up to 20 bit height and fence settings in memory for fast changes between common setups
    • Perfect for step-and-repeat operations
    • Touch screen can be used to indicate router bit width, and to convert to imperial decimals or fractions. For example, you can use a 1/4'' bit to rout a 12mm dado without complicated calculations or measurements
    • Firmware updates are made via USB port on the rear of the fence
    • Precision anti-backlash lead screw
    • Fence travels up to 245mm without repositioning the rail
    • Built to accept the water-cooled CNC spindle, adaptors sold separately to suit North American round-body router motors.
    • Runs on standard Australian 240V single-phase power
    $1,799.00 (inc GST)

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