Luban 11-Piece Carving Set

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    Luban 11-Piece Carving Set LBCS-11

    Luban’s 11-Piece Carving Set is all you need to get started in the satisfying world of wood carving.

    Each tool in this set marries fine high carbon steel blades to hardwood handles, delivering precision in every cut. The perfect introductory set for new woodcarvers, or for experienced woodworkers who would like to add carving to their skill set.

    Whether you're sculpting elegant curves or adding delicate details to your creations, Luban's 11-Piece Carving Set equips you with the essentials for a successful start to your woodcarving journey. The comfortable handles allow for extended periods of carving without discomfort, and the sharp blades make every stroke effortless and precise. Join the ranks of woodworking enthusiasts who trust Luban tools for their exceptional quality and performance.


    1 x 7.5mm single bevel skew chisel

    1 x10.5mm straight chisel

    4 x gouges: 7mm, 7.5mm, 11mm, 13.5mm

    4 x chip carving knives

    1 x double-sided 80 x 30mm sharpening stone
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