Sherwood Wet Stone Sharpening System 250mm & Diamond Truing Tool

  • Sherwood Wet Stone Sharpening System 250mm & Diamond Truing Tool SWG-250-KIT

    Sherwood's 250mm Wet Stone Sharpening System with Diamond Truing Tool & Support Ar Extension Included

    Sherwood Wet Stone Sharpening Systems give your tools a razor-sharp edge in a cost-effective package.

    The Sherwood 250mm Wet Stone System is a step up in performance for precise honing of your tools. The package includes a range of high quality accessories to give accurate sharpening on a range of different tools. Variable speed settings for high accuracy and adjustable torque control as standard for heavier grinding. 

    The specially formulated sharpening stone allows for it to be transformed from a coarse grind to a fine grind. The included stone grader will condition the grinding wheel from an aggressive 200 grit to a finer 350 grit.

    Key Features

    • Variable Speed
    • Leather Honing Wheel
    • Integral Storage Tray
    • Adjustable Torque
    • Drip Guard

    Accessories Included

    • Straight Edge Jig
    • Support Arm
    • Stone Grader
    • Honing Compound
    • Angle Setting Gauge
    • Angle Finder
    • Diamond Truing Tool
    • Support Arm Extension
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