Sherwood Motorised Router Lift & Mounting Plate for Round Body Motors

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    Sherwood Motorised Router Lift & Mounting Plate for Round Body Motors RLIFT-5

    Do you need a high performance, super accurate yet easy to use router table setup? Then check out the RLIFT-5 Motorised Router Lift & Mounting Plate for Round Body Motors from Sherwood. The ultimate upgrade for any woodworker’s router table, perfect for the enthusiast or pro woodworker alike.

    Take control of your routing with the Sherwood RLIFT-5 Motorised Router Lift & Mounting Plate for Round Body Motors. This is a high-performance router lift designed specifically for fixed round body motors. Providing you with an easy to use, super precise router lift solution.

    The Sherwood Router Lift & Mounting Plate for Round Body Motor

    The RLIFT-5 router lift features an anodised Aluminium mounting plate, and twin pillar motor cradle with height adjustment screw that is driven by compact motor and belt. The motor is controlled by a remote switch and power pack that features an easy-to-use digital touch control screen. The mounting plate has six levelling screws and two hold-down fixing positions. It accepts a variety of throat insert rings and has a removable start pin which fixes in two positions. This is a comprehensive router lift for anyone who wants the ultimate router table experience.

    What’s in the box

    You Sherwood RLIFT- Motorised Router Lift & Mounting Plate for Round Body Motors includes:

    • Anodised Aluminium mounting plate with motorised twin pillar router motor cradle
    • Remote switch with digital touch control screen
    • Transformer with 10amp power cable
    • Power cable adapter
    • Maximum height cut off switch
    • Mounting plate with leveling screws and fixing bolts
    • Throat insert plate with 50mm aperture
    • Throat insert ring spanner
    • Start pin
    • Tool kit

    A motorised router lift for round bodied motors

    The RLIFT-5 router lift is designed for fixed round bodied motors specifically the Sherwood SRM-1800 and SRM-1000. Use the motors SKU’s to review these motors on the Timbecon website. The round bodied motor slides into the twin clamp holding cradle and is secured by tightening the cradle bolts using the tools supplied. The motor is held very securely, ready to position into your router table.

    Motorised height adjustment

    This router lift height adjustment is driven by a discrete 3.0A motor and drive belt neatly secured beneath the Aluminium mounting plate. The motor is controlled via the remote switch that features a digital touch control panel. The whole unit is powered by a transformer with 10amp adapter plug. Plug the unit together and go, no additional or specialised wiring required.

    Digital touch control panel

    The RLIFT-5’s digital touch control panel is straightforward and easy to use. The screen is large so you will not have to squint to read the controls. The controls may be set to either Metric or Imperial in increments of 0.1 of a millimetre or 0.001 of an inch. Adjusting the router lift height may be done manually or be programmed. The touch panel features a zero-height setting and home button if you need to start over.

    Mounting plate insert rings

    Your router lift can accept a variety of throat insert rings. The insert rings feature a twist lock design, so they are held firmly in position in line with the surrounding surface. Use the inserts rings to minimise the gap around your router bit to eliminate vibration and increase accuracy.  Insert spanner included. Use the SKU RTPIR-5 on the Timbecon website to learn more.

    5-Year warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other router lift ensemble in its class is more supported than the Sherwood Motorised Router Lift & Mounting Plate for Round Body Motors.

    Easy to use digital control panel

    Unlike much technology, the RLIFT-5 digital control panel is easy to use. Using the up and down buttons, or the very simple programming options, adjust your router height in either direction. There is a zero setting and home button as well. The screen is large and easy to read. This feature will really make precise routing easy and predictable.

    Accuracy, accuracy and accuracy

    The RLIFT-5 is all about accuracy. Incrementally adjustable to 0.1 of a millimetre or 0.001 of an inch in either direction with the touch of a button. Forget working out how much half a turn of the height adjustment handle equals, just touch the button and go.

    Save your knees

    No matter what version of router lift you use, you now have proper kit to manage your router. Use the digital control panel to control the height of your router easily, smoothly and accurately. Wind the motor up and change the bit above the worktable. You won’t ever need to crouch down to work under the worktable again.

    Easy to assemble and install

    Though a digital touch screen sounds a bit complicated, its actually not. Everything required comes in the box with no extra wiring required. The equipment all plugs together a bit like plugging cables into a laptop. Just mount the control panel in a convenient location on your router table and plug it all together.

    Smooth operator

    The RLIFT-5 features a very sturdy twin clamping motor cradle and two pillar design. The action of the cradle is guided by the twin bearing guided carriages. With basic maintenance, this router lift won’t ever stick or skew providing you with years of smooth operation. Create the best most detailed work you can with the RLIFT-5.

    Height cut off switch

    In case you miss calculate the height and travel too high, you wont damage your router lift. The lift features a cut-off switch that will halt the router lift before it clashes with the Aluminium mounting plate.

    Motor options

    Choose your donk. The RLIFT-5 accepts both the Sherwood SRM-1800 or the Sherwood SRM-1000. The SRM-1800 is a powerful variable speed 1800-watt router motor. All the grunt and finesse you need to complete a broad range of routing tasks. The SRM-1000, a little more petite than its big sister, perfectly suited to benchtop router setups. Choose the router motor best for your work.

    Mounting plate insert rings

    Your router mounting plate can accept a variety of throat insert rings. Use insert rings to minimise the gap around your router bit to eliminate vibration and increase accuracy. Additional insert rings available SKU RTPIR-5 on the Timbecon website to learn more.

    Mounting plate leveling

    The Sherwood RLIFT-5 features six leveling grub screws and two hold fixing bolts. Use the leveling screws to align your router lift perfectly flush with your router table work surface. Fix into position permanently with the two hold down bolts. Create a super smooth working surface.



    Model SKU



    5 years

    Drive motor


    Power pack

    10A transformer

    Compatible round body motors



    Both these motors have a 10ampm plug

    (use the model SKU’s  to learn more about the compatible motors)

    Compatible router mounting plate insert rings


    (use the model SKU to learn more about the RTPIR-5)

    Overall dimensions

    235 x 298 x 280mm H

    Mounting plate dimensions

    9.5 x 235 x 298mm

    Throat ring aperture sizes (diameter)

    98mm (plate)

    50mm (insert ring)

    Spanner included


    Anodised Aluminium mounting plate and motor cradle

    Polished steel riser pillars

    Steel height adjustment screw

    Plastic throat insert

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