Milescraft Sub-Fence Clamp Brackets

  • Milescraft Sub-Fence Clamp Brackets MC-4009

    Milescraft's ingenious Sub-Fence Clamping Brackets

    Perfect for when you need to attach a sacrificial fence to your table saw, router table, bandsaw or mitre saw's current fence. They stay completely out of your way when running your work piece across the sacrificial fence, so you'll never caught up in the middle of the cut.

    Adjustable Sub-Fence Clamp Brackets

    They're super easy to use - just drill a 9.5mm (3/8in) hole in the top part of your sacrificial fence, insert the universal clamps and fasten to your original fence. You can also use them to secure a stop-block for repeated cuts on your mitre saw and they're especially useful for attaching taller fences to your router table. Sold as a pair.

    • Rigid aluminum body with steel threaded components
    • Range of travel 12 - 145mm (1/2 - 5-3/4in) - assuming a 19mm (3/4in) auxiliary fence is attached; you can clamp to an even thinner primary fence if you use a thicker auxiliary fence)
    $19.90 (inc GST)
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