iGaging AngleCube Digital Bevel Gauge

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    iGaging AngleCube Digital Bevel Gauge IG-352269

    A tough as nails Digital Alignment System

    iGaging has gone back to the drawing board and completely redesigned this third-generation AngleCub unit from the ground up, creating a bevel gauge that is one of the most technologically advanced on the market.

    The precision digital sensor has a far more responsive making it much easier to adjust bevels virtually in real-time. They have ditched the 9V disposable battery for a Li-Ion rechargeable battery making it more balanced. With two rare-earth magnets on all three sides, it adheres and stays on saw blades with ease. 

    Because of the new battery recharge input, it has allowed the case to be more effectively sealed against dust and moisture so it achieves IP-54 rating for a more durable lifetime in the workshop. Don't worry about needing to recharge it regularly - it has an auto-off function if left on for too long without movement. The military-grade anodized alloy body will take punishment and some accidental drops without affecting performance.

    The backlight makes it easier to see the large crystal LCD readout on mitre saws that usually cast a shadow on the display. It does not inhibit reading it clearly in direct sunlight.

    Overall this AngleCube is a massive leap over its predecessor and will provide countless years of faithful service. Unbeatable value-for-money.


    • Tilt range - 0-90°
    • Resolution - 0.05°
    • Accuracy - 0.2°
    • Repeatability - 0.1°
    • Size - 54 x 54 x 23mm
    • Weight - 80g
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