Hold Tite Hose Extraction Kits

  • Hold Tite Hose Extraction Kits

    Sherwood have built the ultimate dust collection nozzle, hose and fitting kit

    These kits are a convenient system for collecting waste material produced by a range of workshop activities. Including everything from tapered to rectangular nozzles, huge amounts of rigid, high-quality dust collection hose, hose fittings in a variety of different sizes and some of the best quality dust extraction fittings Sherwood produces, there's no wonder this dust collection holding kit is one of the most popular kits we sell.

    Hold Tite Hose Extraction Kit Features

    • Rectangular nozzle can be positioned to capture airborne dust from scroll or band saws and sanders
    • Tapered nozzle can be positioned to capture wood chips from routers and drill presses
    • Rigid flex dust collection hose expandable to 900mm in length
    • 63mm (2 1/2in) hose end fittings mate with most shop vacuums and accessories with 57mm (2 1/4in) I.D.
    • 100mm (4in) hose end fittings mate with most dust collector inlet ports and other dust collection fittings

    Ultimate Dust Collection Kit Inclusions

    • Rectangular nozzle
    • Tapered nozzle
    • Two hose end fittings
    • Rigid flex dust hose

    Why do we love these 2 1/2in Dust Extractor Fitting Hold Tite Kits?

    These kits are replete with phenomenal accessories that will make minimising and collecting waste a breeze, something that every workshop has to deal with on a daily basis. The spread of inclusions (for a brilliant low price) is what really sets them apart, because every inclusion has been specially tested and quality-controlled to ensure it does the best possible job.


    63mm (2 1/2in) Kit
    $29.90 (inc GST)
    102mm (4in) Kit
    $44.90 (inc GST)

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