FastCap Measuring Kit

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    FastCap Measuring Kit FCMKIT-1

    FastCap is the world leader in innovative time efficient products. And this kit is the perfect compliment to those sick of looking for that tape or pencil.

    Featuring the FastCap fatboy pencil. This mechanical pencil takes the old nerdy pacer and takes it to the next level. All the convenience of a mechanical pencil with the strength of a carpenters pencil. It can be used with HB lead, red crayon, or white soapstone (one of each included).

    Now a pencil is not very useful without a measuring device so we have included a FastCap Flat Back Tape Measure. This funky tape measure has ditched the traditional curve in the tape and is designed like a seamstress tape. This means you can measure around corners and tricky shapes. Like all FastCap tape measures it includes a pencil sharpener, erasable notepad and a litany of other useful additions. 

    Now what if you want to measure over a distance and want the rigidity of a tradition tape measure? Well, we have you covered with the FastCap Reversible Tape Measure. This traditional tape measure has been upgraded to be read either left to right or right to left. Never look at upside-down numbers again. This tape also includes the array of features like a pencil sharpener and so on found on fastcap tape measures.

    Now you can measure and you can mark your work; but if you are like us, you'll put those tools down and lose them 800 times a day. So we have also included the FastCap Measuring Tape SpeedClip. A favourite tool of everyone at Timbecon; this belt-mountable holding system has been designed to hold your tape and pencil. It includes a handy pencil sharpener too! It can also be mounted to any work surface you typically use. Mean\ing you can have a dedicated tape and pencil location in the shop. There are two tape measures in the kit so we included two speed clips.

    If this saves you just once or twice wasting an hour looking for a pencil and/or tape, it will have paid for itself. FastCap make it their job to save you time and hassle and this kit is the best proof of that.

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