Dust Extractor Wall Mounted 63mm Kit

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    Dust Extractor Wall Mounted 63mm Kit YW-1000

    Want to setup a wall mounted 2 1/2in dust collection system in your home workshop? This will certainly help to get you started. Includes the following components - 

    • 8x 914mm-long clear tubing (great to quickly see any potential blockages developing)
    • 5x 63mm blast gates
    • 4x 63mm t-connectors
    • 3x 63mm 45º elbows
    • 2x 63mm 90º elbows
    • 16x 63mm dust hose clamps
    • 10x 63mm tubing hanger straps
    • 1x 100mm --> 63mm reducers

    Branch off from the wall using the flexible hose - available in convenient 3m or 6m lengths.

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    RRP: $195.00
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