Dust Extractor Wall Mounted 63mm Kit

  • Dust Extractor Wall Mounted 63mm Kit YW-1000

    Sherwood's Complete Wall Mounted Dust Extraction System Kit

    Want to setup a wall mounted 2 1/2in dust collection system in your home workshop? This will not only certainly help to get you started, it includes the best possible attachments that we've specially put together to make your wall mounted dust extraction system the envy of everyone you know. Sherwood are passionate about dust extraction fittings and we're passionate about upgrading people's set ups until they have the workshops of their dreams.

    Combined, we put together brilliant value kits like these.

    Our Wall Mounted Dust Extraction System Kit includes the following components - 

    • 8x 914mm-long clear tubing (great to quickly see any potential blockages developing)
    • 5x 63mm blast gates
    • 4x 63mm t-connectors
    • 3x 63mm 45º elbows
    • 2x 63mm 90º elbows
    • 16x 63mm dust hose clamps
    • 10x 63mm tubing hanger straps
    • 1x 100mm --> 63mm reducers

    Why do we love the Dust Extractor Fitting Wall Mounted Kit?

    It has everything you need for a fantastic set up, but you can also expand upon any of these fittings so easily by looking through Sherwood's range. For instance, you can really effectively branch off from the wall using the flexible hose - available in convenient 3m or 6m lengths.

    $225.00 (inc GST)

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