Crown 230mm Bespoke Brass Sliding Bevel

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    Crown 230mm Bespoke Brass Sliding Bevel 116-XW

    Crown: Keeping woodworking tradition alive.

    Simply gorgeous to look at, hold, and use, this sliding bevel is for discerning users who enjoy the feel of a quality tool in their hand.

    It features a 28 x 19mm cross-sectional dimension Rosewood Handle measuring approximately 145mm long, with 3mm-thick brass plate caps to protect the head and foot from accidental damage when in use. 

    The major change from the standard model is the upgrade from a 1.0mm-thick tool steel blade to bespoke 3.0mm blade. The overall weight of the bevel increases from about 160g to 260g and in the hand it feels well-weighted. Being solid brass it will never rust and may just tarnish with age if not well looked after, which would be a crime for a tool as beautiful as this.

    The brass blade naturally reduces friction when used with marking knives, pencils etc. and with a thicker surface to register against, it will provide improved accuracy.

    Another extra small detail is the relief routed into the front and back of the handle making it easier to grip and more enjoyable to use.

    A perfect gift to yourself or someone else. 

    $129.90 (inc GST)

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