Zetsaw Japanese Kataba Saw - 265mm

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    Zetsaw Japanese Kataba Saw - 265mm

    This beautifully made Japanese Kataba Pull Saw is designed for use in both the BEST Saw Guide product ZSSG-30107, and the Universal Saw Guide product ZSSG-30106. It is a beautifully light and sharp saw perfect for all woodworkers who love to use hand tools when sawing wood.

    Replacement blades are available, please select your preferred option from the dropdown menu

    Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And using Japanese tools takes this experience to the next level. This Japanese Kataba Pull Saw is designed primarily for use in conjunction with the BEST Saw Guide and the Universal Saw Guide both from Zetsaw. It can also be used as a regular handsaw independently.

    Kataba – Japanese backless pull saw

    This Kataba saw cuts fast and clean. It features a thicker 0.60mm blade so it does not require a stabilizing back. Therefore, this saw can make deep and long cuts - perfect for all round general-purpose sawing.

    Saw in any direction

    The teeth on this Kataba pull saw can cut in any direction across or with the grain. They can also saw a very wide range of materials including solid timber, plastic and composites such as plywood. All with virtually no tear out or chipping.

    Why use a Japanese saw

    Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke. This means the blade is stretched when in use thus the sawblade may be made very thin relative to western saws. This means you can enjoy a very narrow and accurate cuts. Also, contemporary Japanese saws are made with hardened laser cut teeth. This means they stay sharp and do not require re-sharpening.

    Replacement blades

    Japanese pull saws are very durable and stay sharp. If used correctly, Japanese saws and will last through many years of use. However, because they are designed not to be resharpened, replacement blades are available. Please choose your replacement saw or replacement blade from the dropdown menu above.

    Made in Japan

    This Japanese Kataba pull saw is a high-quality product, 100% designed and manufactured in Japan.



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    Kataba Saw - 265mm
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