Wall Mounted Blast Gate Connectors

  • Wall Mounted Blast Gate Connectors

    Wall Mounted 4in Dust Extraction Blast Gate Connectors

    Easily the biggest and best upgrade to the humble Sherwood blast gates we've ever seen! 

    This must-have dust collector attachment helps maximise your dust collector system by regulating proper air flow to your designated machine of choice and then wall mounting it easily and safely. Open and closed, it acts as an in-line gate to control the vacuum flow to specified areas of your work shop. When properly used, this self-cleaning blast gate not only helps eliminate constant maintenance from jamming, but prevents air leakage that would otherwise disrupt your workflow. 

    Why we use these mounted blast gate connectors

    • A wall or bracket mounting foot has been moulded into the side for quick fixed installation anywhere on a flat surface. 
    • Sick of waste getting stuck in the cracks when closing your blast gate? These also have self-cleaning ejection flutes to clear out the waste while opening or closing the gates.
    • Available to either attach hose on both ends as per normal or now available with one end to fit standard 4in hose while the other side will go over a 4in dust outlet on a machine or another ID 4in hose fitting.

    Why do we think these Wall Mounted Dust Extraction Blast Gates are so good?

    Whether you're a beginner or seasoned woodworker, it's extremely easy to use and install.

    Maximise the efficiency of your dust collection system by directing and regulating the air flow from one machine to another. Self-cleaning and clog proof groove design to eliminate constant cleaning maintenance, along with an easy-sliding gate, and locking stop to ensure perfect gate alignment.

    When installing two dust lines on an extractor, it is recommended to install blast gates as well. If only one machine is in use, the other line can be closed off to provide more suction along one path.

      Small Side ID (mm) Small Side OD(mm) Large Side ID (mm) Large Side OD (mm)
    YW-1128 92 99 N/A N/A
    YW-1129 91.8 99 99.5 107.5
    YW-1139 58 63 99 107.5
    YW-1140 58 62.5 93 98.5
    YW-1138 58.5 62.5 N/A N/A


    • Extremely robust, efficient design
    • Anti-clog technology is built for simple installation and virtually no maintenance requirements
    • Self-cleaning! The blast gates are set and forget!
    • Even prevents air-leakage, making your dust extractor far more efficient


    102mm (4in) Hose --> Hose
    $14.90 (inc GST)
    102mm (4in) Hose --> Fitting
    $14.90 (inc GST)
    102mm (4in) Hose --> 63mm (2.5in) Reducer
    $11.90 (inc GST)
    63mm (2.5in) --> 63mm (2.5in)
    $12.90 (inc GST)

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