Torquata Finger Joint Router Bit Assembly

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    Torquata Finger Joint Router Bit Assembly FJ-380-BH

    Finger Joint Router Bits for incredibly strong butt joints

    Finger joints are the strongest method of butt jointing when using a router bit to cut the profile. The tapered fingers interlock and create a joint that is stronger than the timber by increasing the gluing surface area by up to 10 times over a standard butt joint. 

    The tapered profile makes it simpler and easier to assemble the work pieces when gluing. Finger joints are used in many structural jointing applications where strength is of the greatest importance and you can rest easy knowing that you have creating a bond stronger than wood when using this method of jointing.

    Product Code Shank Size Cutting Height Overall Length
    FJ-380-BH 1/2in 13 - 38mm 100.0
    $139.90 (inc GST)

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