Sherwood Table Saw Fence Aftermarket Complete Assembly

  • Sherwood Table Saw Fence Aftermarket Complete Assembly TSF-3

    A Complete Cabinet Table Saw Fence Aftermarket Upgrade Kit

    Available as an upgrade separately is the solid, well-built fence from the SWHS-1305 12 in Hybrid Cabinet Saw. While it is specifically designed for the American-standard 685mm (27in) deep table saw tops, because it only clamps on the front rail it can be adapted to suit either shallower or deeper tables with little modification.

    The main features of this Aftermarket Table Saw Fence are - 

    • Solid steel tube fence rails with capacity 850mm to right and 320mm to left of blade
    • Rigid extruded aluminium 860mm-long fence arm
    • Steel fence locking arm with heavy-duty cast-iron and alloy fence clamp for rock-solid locking action against rails
    • Clear magnified fence cursor to accurately align against scale

    What's Included in the Table Fence Kit?

    The kit includes the front fence rail and mounting brackets, plus the main fence arm and the rear support rail. As long as the edge on the front of the saw that is 90º to the table top it should be adaptable to suit most applications.

    Manual Handling Surcharge (Overlength Item)

    Any item that measures over 1.2m once packaged cannot be sent through automatic freight sortation machines and must be handled manually. There is a surcharge of $12.00 charged by the freight company to manually handle this freight. Timbecon passes this charge on at cost.

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