Sherwood Round Body Router Motor

  • Sherwood Round Body Router Motor SRM-1800

    Sherwood Round Body Motor Router Lift

    With 2400W (3 1/4HP) input and 1800W (almost 2 1/2HP) output, this router motor is perfect in virtually every way for router table applications. It is the standard 106.7mm (4.2in) diameter made popular by the Porter Cable 7518 motor from the North American market which means it will fit in the Incra, JessEm and of course, our very own Sherwood Round Body Router Lift.

    It runs on standard 240V with a 10-amp ANZ plug and can be mounted perfectly in the lift in a matter of a few minutes and gives you everything you need in a table motor without forcing you to pay for extras that you will never use (like the plunge bases integral to most Australian-sold routers)! 

    Watch the video above for more information

    Make no mistake about it, this is an industrial grade motor that gives you a continuously adjustable variable speed that allows you to reach 10,000-22,000 RPM and everywhere in between.  You have a dial that is a marked improvement from the preset positions found on the typical 5 speed switch from the Porter Cable motor.  

    The ability to maintain speed under constant load speaks volumes to how well this motor is engineered. Not to mention that we went the extra mile to seal out dust from this variable speed dial.  

    It comes standard with a dedicated 1/2in and 1/4in chuck plus the two spanners that enable above-table bit changes with ease.


    Motor Input 2400W (3.25HP)
    Motor Output 1800W (2.4HP)
    Voltage 240V 10A 50Hz
    Motor Diameter 106.7mm (4.2in)
    Speed Range 10,000 - 22,000rpm


    $479.00 (inc GST)

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